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Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

Lowongan Terbaru di bpmigas


eni Indonesia

Location: Jakarta

Company overview
eni is a major integrated international oil and gas company based in Italy, with interests in 77 different countries, and employs approximately 79,000 people worldwide.

eni has Exploration & Production activities in Italy and other areas worldwide such as West & North Africa, US, South America, North Sea, Kazakhstan and Asia, in Indonesia, eni participates in twelve PSCs, including nine in Deep Water areas, with an active exploration and development program.

Position requirements
You should have the following characteristics:
• be qualified with a University degree in Geological Science with at least 5-7 years in Oil & Gas industry relevant experience
• have a solid technical background in multiple upstream discipline and good knowledge of structural geology
• good knowledge of subsurface tools and interpretation techniques
• have broad range of petroleum geoscience concept
• be familiar with the advanced geoscience software, databases and data management
• well developed interpersonal and communication skill, strong presentation and meeting management skill
• fluency in English is a must

Position responsibilities
• geological support of the geophysical team
• prospect generation, process and play fairway analysis
• geological evaluation ranging from regional scale to near field exploration
• preparation of structural/stratigraphic map and cross-sections, integrating various data sources
• perform contractors special studies: initiate, Q.C. monitor and review the results
• collaborate with drilling department for well planning and follow up
• participation in meeting with Partners and Authorities

You will be assigned to the Company operated or non operated blocks where you will be involved in all the exploration phase and the initial development phase. You will be expected to develop a team spirit sharing the knowledge with other team members and contribute to build an efficient and cooperative working atmosphere.

Please apply for this advertisement to:
PO Box 3260
Jakarta 10000

Please note that applications may not be reviewed if received after the 31st of January 2011

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